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You asked us: “How can I take advantage of MORE deals like this?”

I have an inside track to many Amazon companies who sell some great products. They are looking to generate word of mouth, and will therefore offer a limited number of their products 100% free to us when they’re launching a new product on Amazon.

We then send out an email to our club members so they can grab these incredible deals immediately.

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Our members LOVE it because they get some amazing Amazon products for 100% off. Yes, literally free. (You pay only the shipping that Amazon charges. If you’re PRIME, even the shipping is free!)

I wanted to make it easier for these Amazon sellers to get greater exposure, so I decided to launch this Amazon Rebate Club to people like you.

It’s Free to Participate, But We Have Some Rules…

You must have a Paypal address. (This is how we send you the 100% rebates on amazon products)

​It’s preferable if you’re an Amazon PRIME member because you’ll get free shipping. (We offer 100% rebates but not on the shipping amazon charges. If you’re PRIME, the shipping is free.)

Generally speaking, it takes 3-5 days for us to manually process and send your rebate by paypal. We ask for your patience since we have to process each one manually and we are a small business. Most of the time we are pretty fast, but when we get busy it can take up to 5 days.

You agree to treat our amazons sellers courteously & in a professional way. They’re offering you their amazon products for free, and we want them to have a good experience. Deal?

There is NO COST to participate

So now you know why Amazon vendors want to mail you top-rated products for 100% off … and what is required of you to participate.

Here’s what to do next! Sign up here to register for our REBATE CLUB. There is no cost to join and we can only take a limited number of people:

Remember, join right now because we strictly limit membership to 250 people.

I realize you may see many things on the Internet that appear too good to be true, but this is the real deal. It’s through Amazon and all your transactions happen on their website so you know each offer is legit.

Also, if you need any help let us know. We love helping our customers and you can write us at



Call or Text: (503) 830-4313

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