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Why are Cast Iron lovers going CRAZY over this old fashioned Skillet Cleaner?

It builds up seasoning!

BY CHRIS CHONG     JAN 27, 2015

Nothing beats cast iron for one-pan cooking!

But clean up is a lot of work.

Soap strips seasoning and soaking leads to rusting… so what’s the solution?

You need a chainmail scrubber!


How It Works

1. Place Chainmail in Pan

2. Use Brush to Scrub

3. Clean in Dishwasher

Before & After

Only $9.95 with free shipping for Amazon Prime members

This little scrubber removes stuck-on food fast, cleans easily, and lasts for years.

There’s no stripping the seasoning or scratching like steel wool.¬†Grease and grit come right off.¬†

Amazon customers are leaving five star reviews because it also works great on stoneware, glass, and stainless steel.